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Cow Comfort

A field study made by Cornell University shows that second lactation cows showed a significant increase in daily milk production and a decrease in clinical mastitis when a cow brush was installed. Click To View The Study

Swinging Cow Brush

Cow Mats

Hoof Care

Rubber Coverage

Water Bowls & Troughs

Fly Control

DeLaval supplies a wide range of proven solutions, equipment, consumables and accessories to help you optimally control the production of highest quality milk from healthy cows.

We offer non-slip, hygienic surface treatments for floors, walls, grooming equipment, hoof care tools, fly control, halters, collars, cow mats, calf feed fences, cubicle dividers, feed fences, short stands, gates and partitions. Visit the DeLaval Web Site to learn more, or call your MDS sales team.

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The DeLaval Swinging Cow Brush

 is designed to improve cow health, comfort and welfare. The brush starts to rotate on contact at an animal friendly speed. It swings freely in all directions, smoothly up, over and alongside the cow. The bristles have the right length and hardness to stimulate the blood circulation while helping the cow keep clean and calm.

View The DeLaval Brochure

DeLaval Cow Mats

Long term comfort means long rest times, relaxed cows and good milk yield to benefit the cow and farmer.

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Hoof Care

Cow lameness is caused by various factors – most often from an unbalanced nutritional regime through certain lactation stages of the cow, but also equally problematic are low hygiene conditions in animal housing, irregular/unbalanced hoof-trimming to improper stall dimensions and lack of regular and efficacious foot bathing. Mlsna Dairy Supply and DeLaval offer several practical solutions for the care of your cows’ hoofs.

Rubber Coverage

Designed to meet all cow needs in dairy flooring, DeLaval rubber coverage is suited to many different applications. It can be fitted to your existing, new, or soon-to-be renovated barn.

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Water Bowls & Troughs

DeLaval water bowls give convenient access to hygienic water in tied-up stalls, loose-housing and on pastures because that’s how cows like it. Our water bowls minimize microbial growth and hinder pollution from dirt. This also makes them very easy to keep clean. There are several models to choose from, all available from Mlsna Dairy Supply in Cashton.

Ask your MDS salesman about these DeLaval Fly Control Products:

  • Fly curtains
  • Fly strings
  • Fly baits
  • Metered fly spray aerosols
  • Dusting kits

  Fly Control

DeLaval offers effective fly-control equipment, including the DeLaval Automatic Fly Control System – an automated heavy duty stainless steel arch system developed and tested for large herds.

The concentrated pour-on formula in a spray provides long-lasting fly control. Specially formulated to cover the cow, and provide control even in regions where cow-cooling systems are in use, DeLaval Automatic Fly Spray is an important part of your fly control program.

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