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Herringbone Milking Systems

The Herringbone Milking System is one of the most labor effective batch milking parlors available today. It offers high throughput and efficient labor usage by promoting calm, harmonious cow traffic. Milkers can work without stress and spend minimal time assisting the cows in this fully integrated parlor. The system actually supports shorter milking sessions. This means cows can spend more time eating, drinking and resting to achieve higher milk production. View the brochure

Choose from three configurations based
on your needs:
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Your MDS salesman will help you choose the system to fit your needs. Give us a call to discuss your milking parlor needs

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The Herringbone Milking System



DeLaval Herringbone Milking Parlors


Contour™ Herringbone Parlor

Standard Features Include

Formed 10-gauge Contour brisket
rail with stall definition

Two-direction indexing with
adjustable index pressure

Heavy-duty brisket-rail hinge
arms with wear-resistant
UHMW bushings

Stainless-steel indexing air
cylinders and controls

Stainless-steel rump-rail assemblies
with stainless-steel butt pans
angled to fit the cows

Suspended arches

Galvanized entrance gates

Stainless-steel exit gates

Galvanized grates

Wide cow-entry lanes


Conventional exit or ALL-EXIT®

EnCore® automation cabinetry by

Arm type take-offs


CIP cabinetry

Stainless-steel skirting

Remote start control

Light cabinetry

Stainless-steel brisket rail

All stainless-steel construction


Available in four- and five-cow

Stall centers: 38" or 45" (965mm or

Overall height required: 7' (2134mm)
Minimum cow platform: 8' 6" (2590mm)
Optimum cow platform: 14' (4267mm)
Pit width recommended: 8' (2438mm)


EnDurance™ Herringbone Parlor

Standard features include

Pivot rail with 14-gauge stainless steel (SS) positioning nodes (four and five-cow sections)

Two-directional indexing with adjustable index pressure

ALL-EXIT™ release with controls- EXIT PLUS™ release

7-button control stations

5” (127 mm) duplex air cylinder to power index and ALL-EXIT™ functions

Angled SS rump rail assemblies with 12-gauge SS butt pans

Suspended arch assemblies of 6” x 3” (152 mm x 76 mm) galvanized carbon steel

Galvanized carbon steel entrance gates with entrance gate guards

3 1/4” x 16” (82 mm x 406 mm) SS entrance-gate cylinders with controls

SS exit-gates, SS exit gate rail with hinge and manual exit-gate linkage

Galvanized grates

Air prep package

EnVision™ cabinet

Optional features include

EnCore™-A or EnCore™-C automation cabinetry with raceway

SS skirting

Deck flush nozzles

Remote start control

Light cabinet



Olympic™ Herringbone Parlor

Standard features include

Olympic brisket rail of 2" pipe with stall definition

Two-direction indexing with adjustable index pressure

Heavy-duty brisket rail hinge arms with wear resistant UHMW bushings

Stainless steel indexing air cylinder and controls

Galvanized rump rail assemblies with stainless steel butt pans

Galvanized entrance and exit gates

Galvanized grates

Wide cow entry lanes

Optional features include

Option of Conventional Exit or ALL-EXIT™

Angled rump rail

Air powered gates or manual gates

CIP cabinetry


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