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Parlor Accessories

Mlsna Dairy Supply offers the accessories you need to keep your parlor running smoothly. Our trained technicians will install and maintain your parlor equuipment.

Call your MDS salesman today to learn about the latest options available for your milking parlor

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Parlor Solutions

The DeLaval Adjustable Floor

Adjust the height of the adjustable floor to suit the height of each milker, maximizing comfort and safety. Just push the button for up or down.

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DeLaval Sort Gate DSG10


  • Automatically divert your herd in up to five different directions, based on various sorting criteria
  • Made of solid stainless steel with compressed-air operated gates.


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Herdsman HRS Crowd Gate

The Herdsman HRS crowd gate is custom-built to your holding-area specifications. A unique feature of the Herdsman HRS crowd gate is the vertical lifting gate. The pipe rails lift straight up, allowing cows to pass under.

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Drover HRS Crowd Gate

Smooth Cow Flow
The Drover HRS crowd gate is the economical choice for a smaller-scale dairy operation. It combines automation and manual functions, to gently encourage smooth cow flow straight to the parlor entrance

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Usher HRS Crowd Gate

The Usher HRS crowd gate is a complete cow traffic system. It works with the operator and the parlor to keep cows at the entrance of the parlor, ready to enter. It is crafted using heavy-duty materials made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, for extra-long wear

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