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Rotary Milking Systems

Rotary Parlor Milking is a proven concept. Rotary parlors are labor efficient milking parlors for dairies requiring a high cow throughput per hour. Cows are very calm and the milking routine is the same for every cow, every day.

To help you decide if the Rotary Milking Parlor is right for you, call your Mlsna Dairy Supply Sales Team at 1-866-999-5106, or check out the Planning Guide from DeLaval.


The operating requirements of a rotary platform can vary widely depending on farming style. Variables such as cow size, cow weight, milkings per day or year and platform deck material should be carefully considered when choosing your rotary milking solution.

The DeLaval parallel rotary PR1100 & PR2100 range of rotary milking solutions has been engineered to cater for these large variations in duty requirements.

Your new DeLaval parallel rotary PR1100 & PR2100 rotary milking solution will be configured to suit your individual farming requirements.


Why Rotary Parlors?

  • Cows have a very short walking distance into the milking stall.
  • Cows are brought to the operator. The operator does not waste time walking from cow to cow
  • The platform operating continuously at a constant speed controls the pace of the operators
  • Each cow is provided with equal time for milk-out
  • Group size is not important. There is no problem with extra cows or short loads
  • Each cow has her own stall. This stall looks the same at every milking. The cow is not affected by movements and disturbances caused by a cow in an adjacent stall
  • New cows break in very easily. They simply follow the previous cow on to the platform
  • Rotary parlors fit very well in to a dairy layout. Cow traffic management is very easy with single entry and exit lanes. The single exit lane makes sorting to a treatment area very easy


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