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The Original Thrifty Dipper - Coverage Where You Need It. 

To learn about the newest products from the makers of Thrifty Dipper,  Call MDS today at

The New “JAH” - The Strip, Dip & Scrub Brush

  • Significantly less dip usage
  • No Spills - No Waste
  • Cleaner Teats always equals lower SCC’s
  • Disinfects and stimulates milk let down simultaneously
  • Applies the dip while cleaning the teat

The Thrifty 150

  • The NEXT generation in dipper technology
  • Thrifty 150™ is designed to better clean and prepare teats for milking
  • Paints teat from upper chamber
  • Extremely limits any dip waste or spilling
  • Transparent upper chamber vital to manage savings


Bovadine® Teat Dip

Raising the Teat Dip Standard with ACT and New I-tech2

  • Contains the next generation of “free” iodine technology
  • Delivers 1.0% iodine with 10% glycerin, making it the ideal
    post-dip for overcoming severe environmental conditions and
    sanitation challenges


Double Action Hoof Treatment

Double-Action™ is a nonprescription hoof treatment concentrate proven effective in preventing and treating bovine foot warts in dairy cows.

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Reduces copper sulfate costs as it helps increase
the efficiency of your foot bath solution for hoof cleanliness.

Less-Cu makes copper sulfate more soluble (available) and reduces the introduction of heavy metal to the environment for a clear,
effective solution to hoof conditions. Our industry-best combination allows for reduced copper sulfate usage by the solubilization of the copper which mitigates the chemical binding of copper and manure.

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Prima™ Non-Iodine Mastitis Prevention

Prima’s 0.5% Hydrogen Peroxide formulation assures the latest in hydrogen peroxide technology.

  • Proven to be an effective mastitis preventative on U.S. dairy operations and in lab tests.
  • Combines 5% glycerin to promote and protect healthy teat skin condition.
  • Its oxidation mode of action provides broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity with a short contact time.
  • Non-irritating and biode-gradable. Gentle to cows and milking personnel, improving herd health and worker safety.
  • Viscosity allows for the versatility of either dipping or spraying
  • Mild odor, ready-to-use.
  • Orange color shows which teats have been dipped.

Della Care
DeLaval’s premium quality udder care teat dip, Della Care provides the necessary levels of high free iodine for excellent speed of kill to reduce mastitis causing bacteria fast and effectively during the pre-milking routine. Enhanced and specifically formulated with cosmetic ingredients, Della Care is very gentle to teat skin and milker’s hands.

Della Soft
Built for full-time use, Della Soft contains 0.5% iodine enabling it to work double-time, for both pre and post-milking routines. Effective, gentle udder care, Della Soft contains enhanced skin conditioners to deliver effective skin conditioning.

Della One
When your dairy needs added protection, Della One delivers germicidal action. Built with 1% iodine and enhanced skin conditioners, Della One out performs conventional teat dips.

Della One-Ten
Developed for dairies needing added skin conditioning and protection, One-Ten delivers 1% iodine and 10% glycerin to soothe and promote good skin condition.

Specifically designed for sanitizing and conditioning teat skin during cold, wet and snowy conditions, Triumph dries quickly to help reduce chances of skin irritation leaving a super-high level of soothing and protective emollient on the teat.









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